Incheon – South Korea

Incheon – South Korea

Incheon is a South Korean city located just outside the capitol of Seoul.  It is a bustling place where many travellers go for layovers if passing through South Korea, as it is home to one of the main airports in the country.  Like its neighbour, Seoul, Incheon is home to lots of Korean eateries teeming with delicious Korean fare.

Whilst passing through South Korea on a layover, I was fortunate enough to take in some of their famous BBQ, consisting of lots of meat, egg, kimchi, soups, soju, beer and rice – just to name a few of the items consumed.  I even located a red dog beer that I thought was discontinued while I was still a child.  Korea is a culinary delight and a must do for food travellers.


Red Dog Beer

Red Dog Beer

The BBQ Spread

The BBQ Spread

Incheon, South Korea

Incheon, South Korea

Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ


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