A Riverie Review – Calangute – Goa – India

While in Goa, India we decided to go to A Reverie, a highly recommended, French inspired, fine dining restaurant located close to the beach in Calangute.  This restaurant has been ranked highly on Trip Advisor, mentioned as a place to eat in Lonely Planet, has been recommended by CNN Traveler in addition to being recommended in Vogue magazine.  It was highly awarded and backed by reputable sources.  It looked like one of the nicest restaurants in town.

The restaurant didn’t open until 7:00pm daily, so we made a reservation for 7:30 and planned on partaking in a 3-course meal with drinks.  The restaurant itself was quite stunning.  It featured an open area for outdoor dining, but also had covered dining options as well.  It was very tropical and the location was very central.

We were greeted and shown to our seats.  We immediately put in a drink order of Old Monk (Indian Rum) and looked over the menu.  Seeing our proximity to the ocean, I felt it necessary to order seafood, so I went for the baked camembert and marinated olives to start, surf and turf consisting of grilled beef and prawns for my main and a trio of chocolate to finish up.

The appetisers were very pleasing.  By this point I had been travelling India for almost a month and quality cheese and warm olives satisfied my craving.  I do enjoy eating my way through any country I visit and experimenting with new foods and spices, but every now and then I crave western food when abroad.  The olives were salty and warm and the cheese had been baked into a bowl of runny goodness.  I had found happiness.

Our next course of mains was a little disappointing.  My beef that had been grilled was low test at best, came in small portions and was a bit tough.  The prawns that accompanied the dish had been overcooked and were dry.  Both portions of the dish were not properly prepared and a bit of a challenge to get through.  This did not live up to my expectations.  Based on their accolades and reviews, I did expect a higher quality main, prepared right.

Lastly our desserts came out and had hot chocolate aspects contrasted by cold vanilla ice cream.  The conflicting temperatures made for a pleasant mouth sensation.  It was an enjoyable way to finish our meal.

I was relatively happy with our meal and the service provided.  The bill was a bit steep in comparison to other restaurants in the area, but A Riverie was targeting a more upscale clientele, not necessarily warranted, but such was the case.  The appetisers and dessert was what made the meal, but the main fell flat considering the reputation of the restaurant.




A Riverie

Holiday Street, Gaura Vaddo, Calangute, Bardez

Goa, GA, India

+91 98 23 174927


Atmosphere 8/10

Service 7/10

Food Quality 6/10

Presentation 7/10

Satisfaction 7/10

Total: 70%


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