Indian Coffee House – Jaipur – India

One of my nicest food experiences to date in India came the other morning on our way out of Jaipur.  We asked our driver to stop at the Indian Coffee House to grab a quick tea or coffee and something to eat.  This is a local eatery that is fairly simple, has a solid Indian menu and serves hot coffee and breakfast fare to locals’ daily.

We were immediately greeted by one of their local patrons, the sole diner in the restaurant, who invited us to join him at his table.  It turned out that he was a retired schoolteacher and an artist that just finished his breakfast and was enjoying his morning tea and a local paper.  He recommended the Masala Dosa, which is an Indian style thin crepe filled with seasoned potatoes and onion.  We were lucky enough to have ours accompanied with a savoury vegetable soup and a coconut sauce.  That and a piping hot mug of coffee and I was set for the day – whatever it may hold.

The food was really delicious, as most things in India.  They use an array of herbs and spices that are not so common in the west – coriander, masala, turmeric, ground local chilli, mango powder, ground ginger, cardamom (black & green), cloves, and the list goes on.  The use of spices to enhance foods flavour and overall taste is brilliant.  Our food was made to order and you could taste the fresh herbs and spices in every bite.

In addition to the food, the hospitality showed by our local table-mate made the meal truly memorable.  He shared stories about his Indian past and helped us when ordering.  This was one meal that I won’t soon forget.

If in Jaipur, the Indian Coffee House is a great stop for breakfast.  The coffee is hot and cheap, the food is authentic and very fairly priced, it’s off the tourist path and you may even meet a friend.



Indian Coffee House

MI Road, Jaipur, India

Phone 077 42 161871


Atmosphere 5/10

Service 8/10

Food Quality 8.5/10

Presentation 6/10

Satisfaction 9/10

Total: 73%


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