Dasaprakash – Agra – India

While in Agra to see the Taj Mahal, my wife and I decided to go out for a vegetarian meal at Dasaprakash, a restaurant that serves traditional South-Indian cuisine.  I am usually not one for vegetarian meals as I consider myself a bit of a carnivorous meat man, but considering India has more vegetarians than just about anywhere, I thought why not.  It is important to experience the culture and traditions when travelling, so off we went.

We got our driver to take us to our chosen restaurant, Dasaprakash.  It was a nice place; clean, quiet (without background music) and there was only one other table occupied by a group of men who appeared to be in a very important business meeting.  The tranquility, peace and quite suited me just fine after our overwhelming experience at the Taj Mahal of being continually groped by locals and travellers alike, mostly due to my wife’s blond hair.  India is certainly a country of extremes.

Our waiter sat us and suggested a couple of menu items – the Fixed Thali and the Dasaprakash Delight.  Both items contained a range of smaller dishes and would allow us to do a tasting or sampling type of meal.  We were served: lemon rice, thali, uttapam, uppama, raita, masala, sweet potato, soups, sauces, roti, chutneys and a whole range of delicious menu items.

The food was brought out in tiny dishes and it was exactly what I was looking for.  Sweet, spicy, salty, savory and more.  Each dish had its own distinctive flavor that paired or contrasted the others.  We had creamy sauces to cut the spice, sweet dishes to help curb any craving and salty goodness throughout.  It was a lot of food for two people, and even though it was completely vegetarian, I was outright full by the end of the meal.

Agra is a busy town and the Taj Mahal can be intense, but it is possible to find peace and good food there.  Dasaprakash provided both for us.








9 Bansal Nagar, Fathehabad Road,
Behind ManSingh Hotel,y
Agra (UP)
Ph: 0562-2230089



Atmosphere 7/10

Service 8/10

Food Quality 9/10

Presentation 8/10

Satisfaction 9/10

Total: 82%


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