Delhi you truly are a maniac, but I kind of like you – New Delhi – India

Delhi you truly are a maniac, but I kind of like you…

We arrived in Delhi last night, and this being my first trip to India, I was excited.  As previously noted on the weather channel, Delhi’s forecast called for 17 degrees and smoke.  I was confused.  That confusion has passed. Ever since the airplanes descent into Delhi, (which felt like we were heading into an apocalypse due to the smoky haze) it has been what the locals like to call foggy – in other words – smoky.  This continual output of pollution is hard on the respiratory system, but makes for breathtaking photographs.  The sacrifice will be worth it.

This city is organised chaos and much more impoverished than I expected.  The poverty is intrusive with beggars wrapping at the car windows and children asking for money in the streets.  It is confronting.  There is no getting around it, if you come to India you will see severe poverty.  It sucks.

Aside from the chaos and negative side to Delhi, there is also a bit of charm from days gone by.  The city is scattered with overwhelming temples, picturesque ruins and breathtaking parliament buildings.  Government official’s drive around in 1960’s style ambassador automobiles and it is a hotbed of culture and opportunistic entrepreneurs.   People are on the streets trying to make a living doing whatever it takes.

Ok, let’s get real here – I came for the food.  The touristy stuff is fine and a lot of people get all hopped up on seeing ancient temples or statues of religious idles, but my main purpose in travelling is eating new and exciting food.  I am not an expert on Indian food, nor do I pretend to be, so I there is a lot to learn.

Since being in Delhi I have not had the most authentic Indian food experiences with the exception of breakfast on the street this morning, but even eating at tourist traps or our hotel, the food has still been good.  I have tried a couple of traditional meals at our hotel that I haven’t heard of before such as parantha with pickles and curd, I had butter chicken at a tourist trap in the city and I had a fried pasty with curried potatoes from a street vendor for breakfast.  Aside from the street food this morning, these are not my most desirable dining options, but that will soon change.

I am looking forward to getting away from the beaten path and eating some truly Indian cuisine, but so far so good.  The food has been fresh, bursting with flavour and satisfying.  I am excited for the rest of India and the culinary adventure that I am about to embark upon.















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