The Amazing Mill Markets Review – Daylesford – Australia

The Amazing Mill Market are located in Daylesford, Australia.  This is a place that sells all kinds of funky used items ranging from clothes, vintage chairs, old tools, antique radios, books, and most anything one could think of.  It is a maze of wonder and discovery.

Within the market is a small café that services patrons as they wonder through the wonder that is the Amazing Mill Market.  We went on a weekend after doing some work in the morning and we all quite hungry so we stopped in for a bite to eat.  The café had the regular fare of salads, sandwiches, cakes and coffee but I decided upon the homemade beef pie with side salad and a flat white.  For those of you outside the Australian context and don’t know what a flat white is, it’s a coffee that is similar to a latte but with less froth.  I prefer them to latte’s and I feel that the coffee flavour is more prevalent.

We grabbed a seat after ordering at the counter and waited for our food.  The pie was quite decent and with the salad, quite filling.  It was hot, crispy and it had a moist, meaty filling.  It was brought out with a side of tomato chutney and the salad was a typical garden-variety salad.

The Amazing Mill Market Café was filling and hit the spot.  The food was fresh and tasty.  The service was satisfactory and the market itself is definitely worth getting lost in for a few hours.   You don’t go to the markets for the cafe, you go to explore.






The Amazing Mill Markets

105 Central Springs Road, Daylesford

03 5348 4332


Atmosphere 7/10

Service 6/10

Food Quality 7/10

Presentation 7/10

Satisfaction 8/10

Total: 72%



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