Persillade Review – East Melbourne – Australia

One day on my way home I passed by Persillade, a new restaurant in East Melbourne that took over the spot that Europa Cellars used to occupy.  They are both wine and European focused establishments and Persillade has a French approach to wine and food.

I was initially impressed with the setting of the place.  It was a very open space and there was wine on display for purchase throughout.  This gave it a very French feel and it was also welcoming.  I was seated and given the menu and I eventually decided upon the corned brisket sandwich.  I am a sucker for brisket and sandwiches, so I thought this was going to be a real hit.

The sandwich eventually came out and it was presented on a serving board with a side of dill pickles.  The sandwich was built on two beautiful pieces of fluffy, moist homemade bread.  A good bread can really make a sandwich and it is in French tradition to focus on ones bread.  This was done really well.  The pickles that accompanied the sandwich weren’t as tangy as I like them.  I feel that pickles should go with every good deli sandwich, but they have to be crisp, tangy and dill – the sweet ones just don’t cut it.

The sandwich also lacked one key ingredient in my opinion – a good mustard.  Mustard is the best single sandwich ingredient.  There are so many varieties that can bring a range of flavours to any style, and when they are missing, the sandwich lacks.  Persillade’s sandwich did not have mustard and this was a disappointment.  It didn’t seem quite finished without the bite that a quality mustard can provide.  It wasn’t bad, but lacking in my opinion.  Nice restaurant, but the sandwich was a bit of a disappointment.




150 Wellington Pde, East Melbourne

0390 784 056


Atmosphere 8/10

Service 6/10

Food Quality 8/10

Presentation 7/10

Satisfaction 6/10

Total: 70%

Persillade on Urbanspoon


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