Melbourne Weekender: Foody Happiness in Australia’s Cultural Capital

Nic Freeman paints a beautiful portrait of Melbourne and food culture within this great city.

Nic Freeman

The creative pulse of Melbourne stirs giddy dreams of urban adventures. With every visit, I find myself enchanted by vibrant street art and tipsy with the rush of cultural possibilities.

Melbourne inspires laneway fever, strolls down wide streets, tours of history-rich buildings and skipping through crisp autumn leaves. The city calls for late night explorations of roof-top and hole-in-the-wall bars. It beckons the inner artisan-lovers, hipster-befrienders and part-time fashionistas in all of us.  But arguably, most of all, Melbourne entices with the happy potential for belly-led wanderings through a kaleidoscope of city flavours.

I tend to schedule Melbourne adventures around food. The consequences is experiencing Melbourne as a dreamy dalliance betwixt cafes, bars, restaurants and street food vendors.

Here are a few random foody highlights from my recent wanderings to help fill your belly and your time during your Melbourne weekender. (Note – all are GF friendly).


Nurture your…

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