Zagame’s Review – Ballarat – Australia

When I was in Ballarat for a sport competition with some friends we decided to go out one night for dinner.  We were invited out to dine at one of the local ‘bistro’s’.  When the word bistro is used, I usually get excited, as my previous experience with bistros has been overwhelmingly splendid.  Gabrieau’s Bistro in Nova Scotia, Canada is a great little eatery with an impressive wine list worthy of Wine Spectators standards and Bistro C in Queensland, Australia also pushed out a very impressive meal when I was there.  Bistro = Impressive, enough said.

Zagame’s Bistro was nothing like what I’ve just described.  It turns out that Zagame’s is actually a franchised chain that is attached to a pokies gambling hall and has a bar, in house.  It’s more like a local bar that serves food to drinkers, gamblers and families on Sundays.  This was not the place I pictured in my head when we decided to go.

I ordered the lamb shank with veg and mash.  The lamb was tender and the portion size was more than sufficient, but it wasn’t a gourmet meal that bistros are accustomed to serving, but in their defence, they weren’t really a bistro in the true sense of the word.  The food wasn’t very well seasoned, but it was filling, I’ll give it that much.   We finished our meal and I proceeded to pop into the pokies to loose $20 on the slot machines.

The best part of the meal came later on that night.  The boys and I decided that it would be a good idea to take the hallowed lamb bone back to our hotel to use as a shot glass and drink mixer.  We thought it would add a depth of flavour to our drinks, but more importantly it would make us look tough as hell.  We were right.  We did look tough.




Zagame’s Bistro

Address: 639 Main Rd, Ballarat, 3352

Phone:  03 9999 0350


Atmosphere 3/10

Service 4/10

Food Quality 4/10

Presentation 5.5/10

Satisfaction 4/10

Total: 41%

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