Maha – Melbourne Review – Australia

My wife and I received a gift certificate for Maha for our wedding from a close friend who highly recommended the place, so we were both excited to try it out.  Maha is a featured in The Age Good Food Guide and has received a one hat rating since 2009, so I expected good things.

Maha is located at 21 Bond Street which is an out of the way, quiet street located in Melbourne’s CBD.  We made our way to the restaurant and as soon as I stepped down into the restaurant I felt welcomed.  The maitre’d was quick to greet us and show us to our table.  Our coats were taken, table set and the service was very professional right from the start.

Our server explained the menu to us and how the multiple dinner options worked.  We were then served our drinks and given some time to decide.  We finally went for the Soufra option that allowed us to share four courses with a few extras throughout.

The courses started coming and the food was remarkable!  Every dish was bursting with flavour, but also delicate enough not to overpower.  We were embraced with marinated olives accompanied with olive sourdough bread, ceviche, quail over risotto, chickpeas in foam, shredded chicken over hummus, a trio of desserts, and of course, the star of the show – 12 hour slow roasted lamb with house made tzatziki.

Each bite boasted a mouthful of flavour that truly represented Middle Eastern cuisine – Fresh and bold, satisfying, yet somewhat mysterious. The flavours were exotic and I was taking it all in.  I was genuinely adoring each course, but also excited for the next.  It was truly an enjoyable dining experience.

Maha is a place that is a little different from the norm; it excites the senses, showcases exotic flavours and really does a good job in their service and stimulating food.  They are professional, efficient and they still make you feel welcome.  Maha is deserving of its accolades and it is a place that I will find myself at again one day.











21 Bond St. Melbourne, Australia

PHONE+61 (3) 9629 5900



Atmosphere 8/10

Service 10/10

Food Quality 9/10

Presentation 8.5/10

Satisfaction 9/10

Total: 89%

Maha Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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