Your Guide To Eating Around The World In 10 Unexpected Places

Can’t wait to tick all of these off my list!

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couple-travel-eatOne thing I love most about traveling is the local cuisine. I love finding out what the locals eat and giving it a try. While I can’t say that I have the amount of stamps on my passport that well-traveled people boast, I can say that my wishlist of places to travel to and eat through is brag-worthy. There’s more worldly food to drool over than French and Italian.

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According to Reader’s Digest, there’s 10 unexpected countries you need to visit if only for enjoying their local cuisine. Check out these ten places around the world with local fare that’s sure to please your palette.


1. Croatia

Perched at the crossroads between Italy, central Europe and the former Ottoman Empire, Croatia is a country with a complicated history—and a diverse culinary scene to match. Inland, you’ll find that central…

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