N2 Extreme Gelato Review – Fitzroy – Australia

N2 is an Extreme Gelato shop in Fitzroy on Brunswick.  The name is fitting.  They source their fresh milk from local dairies and infuse it with real ingredients and liquid nitrogen to create something special – super fresh, exceptionally smooth, perfect gelato.

This place is whack.  It is like stepping into a science lab gone mad with outlandish ideas scribbled on a chalkboard.  Those scribbles are actually the menu items of that day.  When I went tonight they had beer, peach + champagne, black lava salted caramel, crème brulee, pavlova, almond fudge, mango, white chocolate lavender and deconstructed chocolate flavours.   I mean come on – beer and lava flavoured gelato.  The menu changes on a regular basis and they are always thinking new and inventive flavour combinations.  I ordered the crème brulee of course but I also wanted the beer and black lava salted caramel.

As soon as they take your order they go to work.  It’s an active lab of gelato creation and they perform all of their experiments right in front of your eyes.  There is liquid nitrogen going everywhere with crystalized steam, blowtorches and awe.  My gelato was topped with sugar and caramelised with a torch – the same way an actual crème brulee would be prepared.  The hot crispy toffee top contrasted beautifully with the remarkably smooth cup of fresh cream.  It was the best damn ice-cream I’ve ever had. Period.

The silkiness of the texture along with the perfect temperature prevented any ice-cream headache, yet I couldn’t stop shoveling the stuff into my mouth.  I immediately wanted to go back for another once finished and it tasted outstandingly close to the real thing; custard, cream and goodness – only better.

One of my close friends who knows food is obsessed with this place and I now see why.  I will be back.  This place definitely produced the WOW factor.  Incredible gelato – even better than the stuff I had in Italy.  You have to try this place out for yourself, my words cannot do this stuff justice, trust me on this one.







N2 Extreme Gelato

329 Brunswick St

Fitzroy, Australia



Atmosphere 8.5/10

Service 8/10

Food Quality 10/10

Presentation 9/10

Satisfaction 10/10

Total: 91%

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