Salt Review, Sofitel, Port Denarau, Fiji

Just outside of Nadi, in Fiji is the infamous Port Denaru.  This is the location of all of the major resorts within close driving distance to Nadi’s International Airport.  On this bridged island you can find The Weston, The Radisson, and of course Sofitel.  The port serves as a gateway to the Yasawa Islands (a popular destination for many holiday goers) and is also host to lots of high end eateries and up scale resorts.  There are traditional Fijian places, Indian joints, Fish/Seafood shacks and steak houses.  They also have some chains such as the Hard Rock Café that I’ll blog about at a later date.

We flew in to Fiji from Sydney that morning and spent the day checking out Nadi and our resort and we finally made our way to Port Denaru for dinner.  After checking out the strip we decided to make our way to Salt, located in the Sofitel because of the reviews that it received.  It was rated amongst the best restaurants in the area, so we made that our choice.

The restaurant is located on the resorts beach and has lots of outdoor seating that overlooks the beautiful Fijian Sea.  The breeze was refreshing and it  was quite relaxing and romantic.  It really is beautiful location to put a restaurant.

We were both quite hungry by the time we sat down for dinner, so we quickly browsed the menu and ordered promptly.   I think anything would have tasted good based on our hunger levels.  We decided to split the calamari for a starter and I decided on the seared yellow fin with mashed potatoes and a side of slaw for my main.  I wanted to go with the seafood based on our proximity to the ocean and I decided to wash it all down with a bottle of local Fijian beer (Vonu).

The calamari came out quickly and we both dug right in.  It was really brilliant squid and the texture was as close to perfect as I’ve had.  It was soft, easy to chew and beautifully seasoned with just a hint of spice.  The flavour of local ingredients filled the dish and the squid was served with a fresh salad of peppers, lettuce, red onion, garlic and pineapple.   It paired beautifully and the sweetness of the tropical fruit and accompanying vinaigrette helped cut the burn of the spice.  Everything about this dish felt right.

Within due time our server returned to clear the table for our next course.  The service was very professional, prompt, courteous and personal.  Our server made sure to address us by name and always asked how we enjoyed each dish.  He was grand.

Now that we dealt with our hunger I could actually enjoy my main dish and pay attention to what I was eating.  I no longer had to focus on filling my stomach, but could sit back and enjoy what I was about to dive into.

My main dish was respectable, but not as good as my starter.  The potatoes were rich and creamy, the slaw was satisfying and my fish was seasoned well but over-cooked, which left it dry and lacking that beautiful raw purple flesh that I so enjoy and crave when eating fresh tuna.  I was a little disappointed.  The chef also attempted those quintessential grill makes on the fish, but it didn’t quite pop out at me.  It was a failed attempt.

Overall the meal was good, not a top rated meal, but good; the service was great and views were spectacular.  Our bill was a bit on the expensive side for what we got and I expected to pay less in Fiji prices, but we were hungry and it the food satisfied.







Salt, Sofitel, Port Denarau, Fiji



Atmosphere 9.5/10

Service 9/10

Food Quality 8/10

Presentation 7/10

Satisfaction 7/10

Total: 81%


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