Little Big Sugar Salt Review, Richmond, Australia

This past weekend my wife and I ate at Little Big Sugar Salt.  This is a little cafe on Victoria Street in Richmond.  Right from the get go, it’s confusing.  The name, Little Big Sugar Salt isn’t on the building from what I noticed and I initially thought that it was called Just Food Now, because that’s what titled the menu.  Confusing, I know.

In addition to the name being confusing, the menu was also really hard to get through.  It was visually pleasing, but you almost needed at Ph.D to navigate through the damn thing and get to the essence of what we were there for – the food.

The restaurant was hip and fairly trendy.  They had good beats playing throughout the multi-roomed space and it was a young crowd running the place.  It had a relaxed feel and definitely felt like we could be on Brunswick Street… not typically what I’ve come to expect from Victoria Street, but with new apartment buildings rising from the dust daily, the feel of Richmond is starting to change.

Back to the review…  We were seated in a back room and given some much needed time to look over the menu.  Our server gave us a run through the specials, which were fairly extensive, and allowed us to make some decisions.  We ordered coffee and went to work.  A while later the server returned with our coffee and took our orders.  I was debating between All The Things  and Now Food Need. I decided to go with the later, and based on the name of the dish, I assumed it would be quick.  The dish consisted of croquettes, chorizo, rocket, soft boiled eggs and jalapeño sauce.  All things that I like, so that’s what I went with.

Then we began our wait.  It took  longer than I thought it would and I had time to use the facilities in the interim.  In the washroom they have a huge mirror and they’re trying to promote people taking ‘selfies’ and tagging themselves on their page.  A great promotional stunt I agree, but when I went in there was a huge log left in the toilet.  I know it’s not their fault, but if they’re promoting guests to take pictures of themselves in their washroom, they should ensure that it is spotless all of the time.  I couldn’t help but laugh.

Our food eventually came and I began to eat.  They used beautiful cutlery with knifes imported from France and their plates were also quite nice to look at.  The only drawback was that the plates had grooves in them for the visual aspect of the dish, but it was hard to get all the food off of my place due to the trenches.

The food was hot and again visually pleasing, but the chorizo was a bit dry as were the croquettes and the jalapeño sauce didn’t have the kick I was hoping for.  The eggs also weren’t cooked to perfection, but the meal as a whole was ok.   It filled me up, satisfied my salt craving and was pretty for my eyes.  The place was cool, but the service wasn’t top shelf.  We paid what we’ve come to expect for breakfast in Australia (which is too much in my opinion compared to Canada or the USA) and went home full.




Little Big Sugar Salt

Address: 385 Victoria St, Abbotsford VIC 3067
Phone:(03) 9427 8818


Atmosphere 8/10

Service 5/10

Food Quality 6/10

Presentation 8.5/10

Satisfaction 5/10

Total: 65%

Little Big Sugar Salt - LBSS Cafe on Urbanspoon


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