The Collection Review, Richmond, Australia

The Collection – Richmond

The other weekend I was really craving ribs and our BBQ was out of propane, so I found a little place near where we live that specialises in Southern American Cooking.  They feature a Cajun style menu serving up things like creole, buffalo wings, jambalaya, and of course – slow cooked smoky ribs.

The place is called The Collection, located on Bridge Road in Richmond.  It’s a cool little eatery/bar that has a really southern feel and they also offer an extensive cocktail menu.  This place makes their own range of hot sauces on site and their menu changes regularly.  They usually have American jazz playing inside and they also offer an outside seating area for nice days.  This place has a cool vibe and it feels like you step out of Australia and into Southern USA.  Even the servers are American.  (Possibly owners, but I’m not sure)

We went in, took a seat and I knew exactly what I was there for – the ribs.  We put in our orders, not even really looking at the menu and I proceeded to collect a couple variations of house hot sauce from the bar.

The ribs came in a timely manner and initially I was disappointed.  It may have been my own fault for not really reading the menu before ordering, but the main that I ordered was exactly that – ribs, nothing else.  And not even a full rack.  For the price they were asking I expected more.  I knew this wouldn’t fill me, but what was I to do.

Aside from the lack of food and price, they were good.  They were smoky, saucy and just the right consistency.  They clung to the bone and made you work a little bit to get to the meat.  It was wonderful.  The hot sauces were also a great compliment to the dish.  I got sauce all over my face and shirt, but I didn’t care, I was in rib heaven.  They really hit the spot, the only downside – I had to grab a snack on the way home to feel full and satisfied.  I did enjoy my meal, but I did feel empty inside (due to lack of food).  I guess I was supposed to order sides separately, but I didn’t realise this at the time.  Food was good – quantities were not.  What else can I say?






The Collection

328 Bridge Rd
Richmond VIC 3121
Phone: 9429 8333

Opening Hours

Tuesday – Sunday, 4pm – 1am


Atmosphere 8/10

Service 7/10

Food Quality 8/10

Presentation 8/10

Satisfaction 5/10

Total: 72%

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