Moat, Melbourne, Australia

Moat is a centrally located eatery in downtown Melbourne, close to Melbourne Central Shopping Centre, The State Library and The Wheeler Centre.  It is a hidden little place, located in a basement level and you have to descend stairs to reach the main dining room.  The atmosphere inside is quant, quiet and comfortable.  There are a range of seating options and it feels like you are in a library.  The whole restaurant has a literary feel and hosts an array of book shelves and patrons can borrow books and read during their visit.

This place also has open aspects to it where patrons can watch the chefs at work preparing their food and the counter is centrally located.  This place is inspiring and made me feel more academic simply by eating there.  The atmosphere was great.  Even the tea cups that they used for service were authentic vintage – nice touch!

We went for lunch during the week and it was fairly busy.  Food was prepared fresh and we were advised that it would be 15 – 20 mins for our order once we decided.  I don’t mind waiting for food, especially if it’s good.  When food is done right, it does take time, and I’m alright with that.  I would rather wait for something good than get crap right away.  Todays world doesn’t really follow this concept, but it’s alright by me.

I ordered the roasted lamb shoulder, pea puree & jus baguette.  I love lamb and am a sucker for it when I see it on the menu.  They also offered a good selection ranging from Grilled salmon belly, roasted baby beets, kohlrabi remoulade, crispy quinoa and horseradish to Gruyere soufflé, asparagus, slow poached egg, hollandaise, pea shoots and confit shallot.  They even had wagyu tartare, octopus cerviche or smoked chicken salad.  The menu was built to cater to most and they used quality ingredients in their dishes.

My meal was quite good.  The lamb was tender and well seasoned, the jus was flavourful and the baguette was warm and quite sweet.  This was a pleasant contrast to the savoury meat that filled up the baguette.  The portion size was generous and I left feeling quite satisfied.  This is a great little place to eat for lunch in the city.  It was affordable and food was flirting with being gourmet.  They also offered an option to add a glass of wine with our meals if we needed a little something to take the edge off.  Overall Moat was a good dining experience.






PHONE: 03 9094 7820


Atmosphere: 8.5/10

Service: 7/10

Food Quality 8/10

Presentation 8.5/10

Satisfaction 8/10

Total: 80%

The Moat on Urbanspoon


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