National Hotel, Richmond, Australia

Tonight we went to the National Hotel located on Victoria Street in Richmond, Victoria.  It is essentially a pub that serves fairly decent food with a South-East Asian focus.  They had multiple curries, dumplings, edamame, and of course your typical pub burger and fries, which was a weird twist on the Asian influence featuring Thai, Vietnamese and Malaysian cuisine.

The setting was quite nice.  The pub is located in a 100 year old victorian style building and clearly broken up into sections that include a great beer garden, a dining area and of course, a bar.  They have multiple beer on tap and a decent wine list to match.  They also looked as if they could mix up a pretty good cocktail if that’s what you prefer.

It came time to order and I asked the waiter his preference between the rare beef salad or the house burger and fries.  The server suggested that the burger was their signature, so that’s what I got.  We also started with tofu dumplings and finished with a brownie and ice cream.

The dumplings came out first and were a bit disappointing.  They were fairly soft and mushy and lacked flavour.   The filler didn’t really stand out and the only flavour on the dumplings were when we dipped them in a balsamic vinegar.  Wouldn’t get them again.

The burger was next and it was a damn solid burger.  It was a plump patty and nice and juicy.  Not overcooked at all and had lots of beautiful beefy flavour.  It was topped with pickles, lettuce, beetroot, onion and a house sauce.  To top it all off, it was on a warm, sweet bun that worked.  Filling and satisfying.  The chips that accompanied the burger were ordinary.  Just deep fried french fries.  If they were home cut, or wedges it would have been a big improvement, but they were a side and definitely not the main show.  That was the place of the burger.

To finish we had a brownie with ice cream.  I was hoping for a warm brownie to contrast the temperature of the cool ice cream, but it was cold as well.  It was topped with processed chocolate sauce and was a bit dry.  It did help finish the meal by bringing something sweet into the meal, but it wasn’t outstanding.

Overall it wan’t a bad meal.  Prices were reasonable, food was decent and atmosphere was pleasant.  Not a place to make a pilgrimage to get to, but good enough to fill a hole if you’re in the area.





Atmosphere: 7/10

Service: 7/10

Food Quality 7/10

Presentation 5/10

Satisfaction 7/10

Total: 66%

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