Sakura in Spring Review – Melbourne, Australia

We recently visited the Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant – Sakura in Spring.  I purchased a multi-course meal voucher from groupon, so we decided to go.  I bought the voucher for $69 Australian dollars and it was marketed as a huge savings off the regular retail price for the meal for two.    The location of the restaurant was easy to find, but the decor itself was a little outdated and could use a good cleaning.  Onto the meal…

For those of you unfamiliar with Teppanyaki style cooking, it is where guests are seated around a hot surface and the chef prepares and cooks all of your food directly in front of you while you eat.  It’s a fun dining experience and you get to see the chef at work.  It is also more interactive and involved than typical dining, which makes for a great night out.  Our chef fit the expectation by lighting the food on fire, launching pieces of cooked egg across the table into peoples mouths and serving the food up hot, like it should be.

We started our meal with a simple salad, which was nothing more than ordinary and then moved on to multiple courses of food that was prepared right in front of us.  After salad, we had traditional sushi, one roll and a pice of sashimi, miso soup that lacked any notable flavour and were served a warm shot of sake.  These courses were all fine, but nothing really stood out or grabbed my attention.  Food is supposed to inspire, strike awe and at the very least, please. This food did none of the like, aside from the sake, that was good.

We then moved on to our mains.  Our chef served us a beautifully prepared scallop.  This was my favourite course, but there was only one per person.  The same portion size applied to the shrimp/prawn as well.  Simply not enough of the good stuff in my humble opinion.  We were then graced with larger portions of chicken, beef and fish accompanied with simple steamed rice and cooked sprouts.  The mains were flavourful, but the choice of meat was a bit to be desired.  The fish was basa, which is a tasty fish, but inexpensive.  The chicken the same – serving only dark meat and the beef followed suit.  I do enjoy these cuts of meat because they do carry a flavour that more expensive cuts don’t, but for over $100 regular retail price, it just wasn’t worth it.

The meal was finished with green tea ice-cream which helped tie the meal together and finish what we were doing.  Any good meal needs a little sweet to finish and the ice cream did exactly that.

Overall it was a fun outing, but the food and atmosphere lacked lots.  At the discount price, it wasn’t bad, but regular price is far too much to pay for such a meal.  I wouldn’t recommend Sakura in Spring because I’ve had much better Teppanyaki for similar or less, and it was nothing special.  Even at a discount price, it was still a lot to pay for what we got.

IMG_3352IMG_3353 IMG_3361 IMG_3363 IMG_3364 IMG_3366

IMG_3377 IMG_3387

329-331 Clarendon Street
South Melbourne
Vic, 3205

Booking and Enquiries
Ph: (03) 9699 4150


Atmosphere: 6 /10

Service: 6/10

Food Quality 4/10

Presentation 6/10

Satisfaction 6/10

Total: 56%

Sakura in Spring on Urbanspoon


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